THE DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS  by William Inge - Transport Group, NYC


Liz Mamana ..brightens the proceedings every time she enters in the role of Flirt.”  - Theatremania

“Liz Mamana is spunky and energetic as the appropriately named Flirt.”  - Broadway World

“Rounding out the cast are outstanding performances from..Liz Mamana as Flirt, who makes exceptional use of her stage time as one of Reenie’s fast talking and fast moving schoolmates.”  - Edge NYC

“Liz Mamana is delightful as Reenie’s gossipy tactless friend.”  - Theater Scene

“The acting in Mr. Cummings’s production is accomplished.”   - The New York Times, Charles Isherwood

“Cummings deserves high praise for assembling the most prodigiously talented cast imaginable.”  - Theatremania

BLITHE SPIRIT  by Noel Coward - 1st Stage


“The capable Liz Mamana looks and sounds like she's been beamed in from a 1940s film lot; her suits and her comportment are appealingly crisp.” -  The Washington Post, Nelson Pressley 

“Mamana, as Ruth, plays put-out well and expresses more in a single glance of disapproval than many monologues I've heard.” 
-  MD Theatre Guide


SPRING AWAKENING  by Duncan Sheik, Book & Lyrics by Steven Sater - Olney Theatre Center


“Practically everything else is smartly gauged, including the savvy performances of Liz Mamana and Ethan Watermeier as a gallery of adults.”  - The Washington Post, Nelson Pressley

“Watermeier and Mamana showcase a plethora of characters... their sharp moments of character transition make their performances worth noting as they carry the scenes smoothly from one to the next, sliding easily in and out of this myriad of roles.”
-  DC Metro Theater Arts



“You either got it, or you ain’t.” The song is all about an actors range. Some actors have a chameleon-like ability to morph   into different characters. If her recent roles in the Washington area are any indication, then Liz Mamana has a wide range of “It”.

THE RELIGION THING  by Renee Calarco - Theater J


“Mamana’s skeptical Mo gets the evenings choicest ripostes when she tries to shock Patti back to reality.”  
- The Washington Post, Peter Marks


“Actresses Liz Mamana and Kimberly Gilbert deliver magnetic performances, infusing these two divergent career women with a mixture of fierce pride and vulnerable hope."  - DC Theatre Scene


“The nearly flawless cast portrays their characters’ vulnerability, confusion, frustration and rage with wit, aplomb and perfect comic timing..”  - MD Theatre Guide

FAHRENHEIT 451  by Ray Bradbury - Round House Theatre

Ms. Mamana is excellent as the embodiment of the harried housewife, her poise, humor, and exasperation all in balance, precariously.”  - Dramaturge

“As Mildred, Montag’s automaton wife, she could not be better.”  - The Gazette 

Liz Mamana hits the nail on the head as Montag’s pill popping, TV-obsessed wife Mildred.  It’s a performance of the “desperate housewife” that’s both hilarious and more bleak than even January Jones as Betty Draper on MAD MEN.”  
- Woman Around Town 

THE CONSTANT WIFE by W. Somerset Maugham – Barksdale Theatre


        "This is Mamana’s show, and she is impressive."  -  Style Weekly

          " ...a sparkling creature ...fierce intelligence ...admirable independence and ...breathtaking vindictiveness. Mamana is
          utterly convincing throughout
."  - Richmond Times-Dispatch



LEND ME A TENOR  by Ken Ludwig – Olney Theatre Center


          "Miss Mamana makes the role of the wide-eyed debutante somehow seem crisp and new."  - The Washington Times


OH, THE INNOCENTS  by Ari Roth – Theater J, Washington D.C.

          "With a voice that is equal parts Carly Simon and Sheryl Crow, Miss Mamana is one of the best things about “Oh, the
            Innocents.”  - The Washington Times

         "Liz Mamana makes a superb entrance onto the local boards with a clearly defined character and a lush voice to match.”
           - Bob Anthony & Celia Sharpe…Arts Critics on the Web and Foggy Bottom News

SHADOW HOUR by Ralph Tropf – Stella Adler Theatre, L.A.

          “ Gordon and Gober are standouts, as is Liz Mamana as a strident and uncompromising feminist…”

           - L.A. Weekly, Theater Pick of the Week